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Serta Mattress

bench+crest is the exclusive agent of the American brand Serta mattress. Serta products solve the most common sleep problems: tossing/turning, sleeping too hot or too cold, partner disturbance, and more. Therefore, we offer our clients a wide range of Serta mattresses and bed accessories to meet all of their comfort needs.

A good night sleep is essential for healthy living; you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle without a good sleep; so choose wisely! We have for all round comfort and enhanced sleep, choose from our exclusive range of toppers and accessories. More attractive customized bedding solutions.

Custom Beds and More

Custom made beds, bedroom sets, and accessories in various materials and colors that will satisfy your elegant tastes.


Bench + Crest kitchens are available exclusively through qualified Stainless Steel kitchen retailers. Our products of tomorrow should not only be modern but also sustainable and durable. Deep-rooted values to discover behind each and every door and in all drawers of our kitchens –as a standard, that’s self-evident.

Personalization down to every detail is the secret. The luxury kitchens is one that feels like a personalized retreat designed to be truly one-of-a-kind – like its owner. This means flowing spaces punctuated by the different stylistic influences that are part of the homeowner’s unique story and rooms graced by a hand-picked selection of rare finds and prestigious materials. Open shelving has become very popular in kitchen design and even more so in luxury kitchens, where it gives you the opportunity to showcase your finest dinnerware and objects of high-end design.