About us


NKTC Group is established over a solid and consolidated customer base; attained through years of trust and reliability; while simultaneously maintaining business development by providing quality services and acquiring loyal clients.

NKTC’s continuous growth in human resources; backed up with technical knowledge and managerial support worked all together as the core of providing high-quality services and better customer service.
With the constant managerial support to our teams, NKTC has developed an integrated business environment, hence it brought innovativeness to our services and led to the establishment of a growing and trusting customer base.

Naser Al Kulaib

Chairman’s Message

Ever since its establishment in 1984, NKTC Group has believed that sustained growth is achieved only by responding quickly and flexibly to various needs of customers. Therefore, we strive to keep providing the highest quality products and services that would make us standout in the regional market. For the future, we remain committed to going an extra mile for the needs and demands of our clients.


Bader Naser Al Kulaib

Chief Executive Officer Message

We have always had a strong desire and commitment to become a leading company in the market.

Through the years, we have faced many challenges that led us to expand our scope, reaching wider, more colorful, and diverse horizons.

Today, with our dedicated team of professionals, we managed to open new doors. Your continuous effort, hard work, and flexibility to emerging opportunities are the reasons behind where we are today!

For this, I want to thank each and every one of the NKTC Group, and I would love to thank all of our clients who have put their trust in our hands.

I appreciate you all!